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abrdn New India Investment Trust plc

Seeking world-class, well governed companies at the heart of India's growth
Why invest in India?

Aspiration: India's population is the largest in the world with an expanding middle class which will drive consumption growth. 

Building India: Urbanisation and infrastructure development have multiplier effects for job creation and the wider economy. 

Renewables: India has committed to meeting half of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

Domestic opportunities: Global businesses are investing in, and shifting production to, India, drawn by a wealth of incentives and opportunities. 

Exporting talent: India's giant tech service sector, built on a highly educated and diligent workforce, drives the export of services by helping global companies keep pace with the fast-changing tech innovation landscape. 

Digitalisation: India has made immense progress in digital investments, which will underpin its rise to be one of the largest global economies by the middle of the century. 

Why invest in abrdn New India Investment Trust plc?

Robust financial strength and sustainable competitive advantageIndian companies meeting a 'quality' threshold are included in the portfolio, displaying both strong financial characteristics and a consistent competitive advantage in attractive industries or sectors. 

Engaged management: The management of the best companies in India is world-class and understands the importance of sustainability and good governance to drive the best outcomes for investors and other stakeholders. Quality of management is a key attribute sought in portfolio companies. 

Return of growth stocks: As interest rates peak globally over the medium term, investors will seek out growth stocks which are set to benefit. The portfolio's focus on those Indian companies with the desire and capacity to expand will drive performance. 


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